Background Information

Bunyala Irrigation Scheme was established in 1964 but started its operation in 1969. It was started with the sole purpose of bringing areas in Bunyala under irrigation to increase food security in the western Kenya region and Kenya at large. The scheme stopped its operation between late 1990’s and early 2000’s but was revived after 2004 with the vision of ensuring water to every irrigable land.


Statistical Data


Busia County / Siaya County


Year of establishment



Gazetted area

1800 acres


Area under Irrigation

1734 acres


Source of irrigation water

River Nzoia


No. of households/farmers

1400 households


Type of Irrigation

Basin irrigation system


Main crop



Other crops

Pulses and Horticulture


Current Status

Main crop:

The scheme is implementing crop 52/53 season, 2016/17. 1674 acres have been cropped and 954 acres harvested and the rest at different stages i.e from Nursery preparation to harvesting. Rice variety is basmati and Sindano (IR)

Other crops:



Projected benefits/ Benefits being realized

·         Food security

·         Employment creation

·         Wealth creation thereby improving living standards (e.g. Health, Education, Shelter, and general  Economic growth of  the population)


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